Volatility in Aluminum Market

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  • 11.18.2019

We deeply value our partnerships and feel it is our responsibility to keep you updated on market conditions and the steps that we are taking to ensure we mitigate as much risk and uncertainty as possible for our customers.

Over the last few months, we have seen aluminum increase to an 8 year high and the Midwest Premium on aluminum increase from $0.10lb to $0.21lb. Many factors are at play here, sanctions on Rusal and freight charge increases, to name a few.

While we have taken every action to protect our prices, there are a few factors that we cannot control. Aluminum has fluctuated greater than 15% in an hour any given day and freight charges have nearly doubled.

We will do our absolute best to keep our pricing steady but will need to make adjustments.

We will continue to keep you informed of market changes and fluctuations that may affect your business.

Finally, a huge ‘thank you’ for your support and dedication as we work through this volatile cycle.

Julie’s career has been focused on agriculture since joining Paige in 2004 and becoming partner in 2015. Her passion drives Paige Precision Ag - from products and services, to emerging technology and advocacy.
Julie Bushell
Director Of Paige Precision Ag