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  • 11.18.2019

House Farm Bill Promotes Efficient Irrigation

In early March, members of the Irrigation Association, including myself, arrived in DC for our annual Fly-In. The timing of the Fly In was perfect as we were able to discuss issues directly affecting growers and the positive changes our Farm Bill priorities could have on irrigation efficiency and grower productivity. After several days and meeting with over 30 congressional offices, we all were very pleased with the feedback, conversations and general interest Representatives had for our industry. I left thinking “WOW, WE WERE ACTUALLY HEARD”.

Fast forward several weeks and boom… great news came from the House Ag Committee! We WERE heard! Many of the proposed changes in the Farm Bill draft directly reflected our meetings, our Farm Bill priority asks were included! This is a major win for the irrigation industry!

It is nearly impossible for growers to support population growth (food, fiber and fuel demand) without policy supporting the technologies that enable more crop per drop.

Our work is far from done but I feel very proud of the Irrigation Association’s steadfast work in advocating for efficient irrigation technologies and its benefits to grower productivity.

Download our Farm Bill Priorities here and please share with your Members of Congress. Now is the time!

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