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  • 11.18.2019

Many of you have inquired about our new wireless offering and I am VERY anxious to get it launched!

We have been testing and running pilots on 5 new products, a new wireless network, and designing a beautiful application over the last 2 years and all are exceeding expectations.

When the decision was made to develop a wireless solution, the single most important factor was to do copious amounts of testing so the device functions the way we intend. Recognizing the exhaustive work our customers put in on a daily basis, we are committed to making your lives easier with reliable remote telemetry.

You will see updates on each item as we approach launch as well as new details and descriptions of our products updated on our website regularly. Make sure you check back often!

Julie’s career has been focused on agriculture since joining Paige in 2004 and becoming partner in 2015. Her passion drives Paige Precision Ag - from products and services, to emerging technology and advocacy.
Julie Bushell
Director Of Paige Precision Ag


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