Protecting Growers from Copper Theft

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  • 11.18.2019

Copper theft is an epidemic that we just can’t seem to shake.

There are 30,000 cases of copper theft a year in the U.S., with a staggering $40 million in replacement costs. Growers have been hard hit, and in response we created the only traceable cable in the world – Proof Positive® cables

There’s no way around it – copper thefts are a drain on agriculture.

Proof Positive span and motor drop cables contain TraceID codes unique to every three inches of cable – providing growers, Ag dealers, recyclers, and law enforcement with the proof of ownership needed to prosecute thieves. And Proof Positive® Signage Kit warns thieves that the bright yellow, easily identified cable comes with tracking technology.

When a pivot cable is cut and stolen, it can wreak havoc on growers. Not only is there the replacement cost, which can easily be thousands of dollars, but crop loss is even more costly..

With Paige Agwire Theft Alert, growers and authorities are notified when a cable is cut, and thieves can be caught in the act.

That yellow stuff works!

Julie’s career has been focused on agriculture since joining Paige in 2004 and becoming partner in 2015. Her passion drives Paige Precision Ag - from products and services, to emerging technology and advocacy.
Julie Bushell
Director Of Paige Precision Ag
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