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  • 11.18.2019

(aka: Long Range Wide Area Network brings connectivity to even the most remote locations)

LoRaWan is an exceptional network solution for connecting low-cost remote telemetry sensors. Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of sensors can be connected to a single base station. Because the network supports relatively small data packets, we are able to achieve an ~ 10-year battery life. Perfect, cost-effective solution to allow growers to collect empirical data from all aspects of their operation. Think soil moisture sensors, flowmeter telemetry, weather stations, GPS tracking, grain bin monitors, tank monitors, pump monitors and much more!

Julie’s career has been focused on agriculture since joining Paige in 2004 and becoming partner in 2015. Her passion drives Paige Precision Ag - from products and services, to emerging technology and advocacy.
Julie Bushell
Director Of Paige Precision Ag
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