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Posted On March 23, 2018   |  Announcements  |   44   |    0

Our deep roots in agriculture span decades and the last few years have really left their mark. Anyone in agriculture knows exactly what that means… we’ve been through some of the best years and some of the worst years the market could throw at us. It is through these types of years that our dedication to our loyal customers grows even stronger. Our deep appreciation for our customer base and the people who choose agriculture as a way of life inspire everything we do, it’s not always easy, it’s not always pretty but by standing together, we are always, somehow ok.

It is our dedicated customers that have driven a greater product offering, a better web experience, and a wireless connectivity solution that is second to none.

We have a new name – Paige Precision Ag- but we are still the same company, same people and still your trusted supplier of quality wires and cables, a dedicated partner helping you improve efficiency and your bottomline…

Julie Bushell

Julie Bushell

Julie’s career has been focused on agriculture since joining Paige in 2004 and becoming partner in 2015. Her passion drives Paige Precision Ag - from products and services, to emerging technology and advocacy.

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