Products AgWireCable-in-Conduit, CSA Rated Cablecon

Cable-in-Conduit, CSA Rated Cablecon

Product Type

Direct Burial Power

Gauge Size

18AWG thru 2000mil




Compounded Thermosetting Cross-linked Polyethylene

Secondary power distribution up to 600V in areas with high rodent population and rough rocky soils. Can be ordered with pump kill wire/or remote panel mount cables.

Conductor: Class B stranded, aluminum conductor per ASTM B323 or B231.,

Insulation: Specifically compounded thermosetting crosslinked polyethylene. Four insulated conductors laid parallel. Wall thickness are in accordance with Underwriters’ Laboratory and National Electric Code requirements for Types RHH and RHW. It combines outstanding resistance to heat and water with exceptional resistance to chemicals, abrasion, crushing and weathering and meets the applicable requirements of U.L. Standard S-66-524. Colorcoded by ICEA Method III, longitudinally colored stripe.,

Conduit: a black High Density Type III, Grade P33 polyethylene with outstanding resistance to corrosion, rust, chemicals, weather and sunlight and is impervious to electrolytic environments. Its strength and abrasion resistance, combined with excellent aging characteristics, make a long-lasting protection for the cable construction.

Kill Wires: optional

Cablecon is a tough, durable and reliable preassembled cable-in-conduit system that minimizes the chance of crop loss due to cable failures caused by gopher bites, salt damage or chemical deterioration and rough rocky soils. The size of the conduit and its smooth, continuous surface make Cablecon virtually impenetrable to gopher attacks. There are no leaky couplings or splices to fail. And Cablecon’s durable polyethylene composition resists abrasion, moisture, acids, alkalis, salts, detergents and other chemicals. The electrical cables inside remain protected. Can be ordered with pump kill wire/or remote panel mount cables
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