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Cable-in-Conduit Splice Kit

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Splice Kits

Complete kit to make CIC to CIC splice. Kit includes connectors, heat shrink, and electrical tape for all CIC configurations. Specially designed kit to make Paige AgWire CIC to CIC splice, all gauge sizes and configurations available.
  • Find the largest diameter heat shrink tube and slide over the poly duct on one of the two ends to be spliced.
  • Make sure all the conductors are at the end of both duct ends to be spliced. cut back and remove the duct on both ends to be spliced to expose the conductors for splicing. The overall heat shrink length is 4 FT. So be sure to remove only about 3 FT. of duct total so the overall heat shrink covers the exposed splice conductors at the end of the job.
  • Stagger cut the aluminum and copper conductors so that all the splices are not in the same location for a smooth splice area and so the overall heat shrink will slide over this area.
  • Locate the aluminum butt splices & strip the aluminum conductors so each end inserts in 1/2 of the butt splice. Locate the copper butt splices & strip the copper conductors so each end inserts in 1/2 of the butt splice.
  • Locate the heat shrink sizes for the aluminum conduc
Kit Contents
  • (4) Aluminum butt connectors,
  • (1) 4 piece #12 copper splice kit,
  • (4) 0.8”x48” heat shrink tubing, (1) 3”x48” heat shrink tubing, (1) 1”x30’ rubber tape.
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